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    The AFS-2000 is a Auto-feeding Nameplate System which can mark the serial number on the plate automatically or manually of plate mark. This machine is working automatically or manually accordingly operaters requestion.

    • Able to control feeding, speed and marking air-pressure
    • An OEM product for customer applications
    • A weight balance for name plate
    • An easy installation with MK-100
    • An option to select (Auto)mark from 1 by 1 to infinity
    Dimensions with connectors Depending on customer applications
    Weight Depending on plate size
    Material of case Stainless Steel
    Elec. power From MCU Unit
    Able to connecting control unit MCU-100 and MCU-100N
    - Double Air -Regulator for auto feeding
    - A four indicator LED light
    - Start, Reset and Feed switch
    - Auto or manual switch
    - Fuse in front
    - Double solenoid valve
    - Adjust screw
    - 2 air-cylinders

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