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    The CDC-20 is turning machine which is suitable to mark to pipe, cylinder, column or circle surfaces.
    The CDC-20 is holding machine by Air-pressure. The CDC-20 able to made by OEM for customers applications size.

    • A made by OEM size of holder and motor
    • An easy operating
    • A compact and clean outline
    • A tape measure of base plate line
    Dimensions with connectors 25cm(width) X 30cm(Length) X 16cm(Height)
    Weight Depending on motor size
    Material of case STEEL
    Elec. power From MCU Unit
    Basic Model picks size Manual Type : 10mm ~ 90mm
    Pneumatic Type : Stroke is 30mm
    Basic Model picks weight 10 Kg
    - Manual OR Auto Load & Unload type (With Air)
    - Two 24 connect pins for MH and MCU
    - 3 chucks hold
    - Input 24 pins cable from controller and out put 24 pins cable
      for head
    - Select switch for head or index

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