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    T-300 table is the column for dot peen marking head for the customer who want to have manual marking. 
    Height adjustment can be adjusted upto 300mm.
    If you mark the task manually, this T-300 stand is the best device for passive operation.

    Model T-300 TABLE
    Size 340 mm (W) X 300 mm (L) X 570 mm (H)
    Adjustable height 300 mm (Z-Axis)
    Weight 18.5 KG
    Guide Ball screw
    Case material Steel (column) Aluminium profile (Basement)
    • Easy to adjust the height upto 300mm
    • Ruler that is marked to the side of column tell the height of marking head for customer convinience.
    • Basement is made by aluminium profile to make various shape jigs be fastened easily.

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