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    “EZ writer” of Jeil Mtech Co.,Ltd is the Fiber laser marking machine which is using a new concept laser technology “Fiber Amplication Technology” “EZ writer” is the fiber marking machine which mark on the customer products by the thermal reaction of the surface using laser. No-noise during the marking as non-contact type and the best marking quality.

    laser fiber
    • Compact size
    • Air cooling type
    • No consumable goods needed (Filters, Lamps, Flow Tubes, Diode Packs)
    • 40% energy saving (Nd:20times beneficial as compared with ND:YAG)
    • Min maintenance is more than 100,000 hrs.
    Average Power 20W 20W 20W/30W/50W
    Mode of operation Pulsed
    Wave length 1064 (กพ4)nm 1055~1070nm
    Frequency 20 - 80 Khz
    Operating temperature range 0~42กษ / 5~95 %
    Input power AC 100V(6A) ~ 240V(6A) / 50-60 Hz / One Phase/
    RS-232 / ETHERNET/ MC PROTOCOL / Modbus protocol / Cognex scanner
    Cooling Air cooling
    Size 435(W) x 382(L) x 177(H) mm
    Weight 25 Kg
    Cable length 5m
    (Optional) Z-axis marking X O O
    Effective marking distance
    (without Z-axis marking )
    Effective marking distance
    (With Z-axis marking)
    X กพ24mm กพ24mm
    Software JL-1000
    Marking area F-160 : 110 X 110 mm Focal distance:160:mm
    Optional lens : 150 X 150mm Focal distance : 210mm ,175 x 175mm Focal distance : 254mm
    Scan Head
    Focal length (f) 163mm 254mm
    Working length (L) 182mm 306mm
    Marking window 107×107mm 160×160mm
    Weight 2kg 2kg
    Size 118(W) × 484(L) × 142(H)mm 118(W) × 484(L) × 142(H)mm

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