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    “EZ writer 10” of Jeil Mtech Co.,Ltd is the CO2 marking machine.. This CO2 marking machine which can replace INK JET Marking M/C is let you have marking on the Plasticized film, Paper, PP, Rubber which can not be marked by INK JET Marking M/C.

    laser co2
    • Clean work environment (No ink needed)
    • Eternal marking
    • Possible to do install any direction
    • Possible to do external marking on micro-moisture
    • Min Maintenance is more than 45,000 hrs.
    Division UL-10 UL-30
    Laser Type Sealed type RF Driven CO2 Laser
    Laser wavelength 10.57~10.63um
    Laser power 10W 30W
    Speed(cha/sec) 400CPS 600CPS
    Marking Window 110x110mm
    Focal length 152mm
    User interface Letter form Ture type font, Multi-language support
    Laser Head size 718(W)x170(D)x128(H)mm 700(W)x185(D)x165(H)mm
    Laser Head weight 15KG 19KG
    CPU size 430(W)x525(D)x85(H)mm
    CPU weight 11KG
    Input signal STRAT, RESET, STOP
    Output signal READY, WORKING, ALARM
    Speed sensing of work piece SHAFT ENCODER Fixed sensor detect
    Control method RS-232, ETHERNET
    P.C G620 2.6GHZ, HDD 500Gx1, 4G-Ram, Windows 7 32bit
    Electric Single-phase 220V/8A
    Operating temperature 15°C ~ 40°C
    Operating Humidity 5 ~ 95%
    Option Red pointer, ENCODER (on THE FLY)
    Application software
    • TrueType fonts marking
    • Single point and drill objects array
    • Marking on all property is designated by direct encoding type.
    • The number of opened JOBs can be converted by one mouse click.
    • In order to arrange easily for Background template and mark, it will be
      displayed on the screen.
    • Variety graphics : HPGL, WMF, DXF, EPS, JPEG, GIF, PCX, BITMAP
    • Shaded graphics : Photo hyphen & Grayscale image marking.
    Specification of EZ Writer CO2 Laser Marking
    • Possible to do fast marking to Non-Metal material by laser beam.
      Marking speed of Co2 laser marking machine is entirely different from existed Ink-jet, Electric chemical and dot pin marking machine and many font and logo can be marked through S/W. Also no physical load by non-contact marking.
    • Low failure and easy to maintenance than Ink-Jet marking M/C.
      Released from blockage of the nozzle and ink leak which happen frequently to Ink-Jet marking machine. Easy to maintenance. Good quality of marking possible because laser source will bee rcharged after 45,000 hrs.
    • Easy to use by easy way of working type of GUI.
      As the menu configulation of GUI type using P.C, every can mark to the products easily and easy to user approach through various application menu.
    Application pics of marking

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